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Reviews for Fight Club

good movie

Classic. Book is great too... I recommend both.

nice twist on the who imaginary friend concept.

This movie makes you think, its amazing.

5 out of 5


Very violent.

It's not really about fighting, but it is. Just watch it. A few times.

A little corny at times, but an important movie re late 90's youth culture. Wearing boxing gloves doesn't count, by the way.

A moviue about fights and something I didn't quite underestood.

A must watch movie. Performances, Direction, Storyline et al is extremely gripping. Strongly recommend it. Movie to be watched with utmost attention (Not a pass time flick)

enjoyed it at the time but upon reflection the volence was just cinematic masterbation; i.e., pointless and unrevealing.

Has Edward Norton. Most things with him in it are good. Also has Brad Pitt. And is done by David Fincher. Can't go wrong.

Great movie. Almost Everyone has seen it, if not....go see it.

Excellent movie. Makes you think.....

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