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Perhaps the best-known BCM (Bad Computer Movie) this side of WarGames. Centers around a ragtag group of teenage computer hackers who look more like random ravers, rollerblading through NYC, hacking Gibsons, and stealing garbage files, while trying to prevent a more malicious hacker from starting an ecological disaster. Techy-sounding buzzwords are thrown around randomly. GUIs are gnarlier and more colorful than real life, their visual style betraying this movie's mid-nineties release date. Angelina Jolie briefly shows her boobs. This movie is mindless fun as only a Bad Computer Movie can be.

A somewhat contrived but still entertaining film about a bunch of teen-something computer hacker buddies, who begin to be framed one by one for implanting a virus on a corporate server. It then becomes a race against time, the feds, and an evil corporate hacker to see who can hack the planet. (cheesy review courtesy Night565)

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