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A thrilling and beautifully-depicted movie from China. Having to read subtitles is of little importance as you are dragged into an inticing plot with both romance and fantastic fight scenes. The only flaw could be it's very complex and at times confusing storyline.

This is beutifully filmed and beautifully choreographed - the fight scenes are stunning, the landscapes are lush with vivid, bright colours, and and the acting is very... Well, actually, its not as good as it could have been, to be honest. Add to this a story-line that seemed tacked on right at the end, and this movie is a bit of a let down. It was promoted in such a way that I expected something full of political intruige, gigantic battles, and some dazzling displays of various martial arts - instead, what we get is a fairly standard love triangle with a couple of added twists - all of which are telegraphed far enough in advance that the revealation of each twist was very much an anti-climax. Do yourself a favour - fast-forward between all the talking bits, just watch the combat setpieces - those are almost worth the price of admission, the rest is woefully lacking.

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