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Reviews for The Matrix

shows us what the world really is.

Classic Sci Fi shoot em up

Piece of shit

Great movie. Very original.

Hollywood crap.


Great action movie, taking a lot of inspiration from Japanese Kung-fu and Manga movies. Action sequences need to be seen to be believed.

Old people think it's confusing, everybody else loves it. It's a ride.

An interesting twist on the old Virtual Reality concept - more Real Virtuality than anything.

Good, but the sequals were bad.

The only good Matrix out of the Trilogy. If you see any, see this one...and preferably miss the rest.

good stuff

Probably the deepest sci-fi movie ever made, and definitely near the top of the must watch movies of all times. Ranks up there with Star Wars as a classic the moment it came out. Unfortunately, the sequels didn't match up to the first movie. A fun way to explore the meaning of our existence.

A fun interesting movie, best seen on the big screen. Didnn't translate well to the tiny television. Decent characters and good action make this film worth seeing. The first Matrix movie has some consistance logic and some interesting ideas. Still, like so many movies, it gets the whole science aspect so wrong. You block out the sun, you destroy ALL life on this planet. (that means you Highlander II).

The best movie in the Trilogy.

impresionante peli

Deep and thought provoking

A part of very complicated trilogue

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