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An excellent starting film in the new Batman Trilogy

4 out of 5


Let me start off by saying that I love Batman. The comics are great, and Burton's early work was fantastic. This movie (although a more realistic and interesting departure) was not enjoyable to me in any way. I hated Christian Bale's horrible American accent (always have...ever since I saw American Psycho), the sequence of events was jarring, and the atmosphere wasn't enjoyable. I found it to be too far from the emotion and attitude of the comic book form.

After the Batman franchise went astray after Michael Keaton gave up the mantle of the Bat, here we finally have a return to form - instead of the ultra-camp batman of the last two films, here we have a gritty, realistic portrayal of the origins of The Dark Knight. We also have an unexpected star of the movie - The Tumbler, the all-new, all-singing, all-dancing (and all-wall-demolishing) new Bat-Mobile. This is also worth watching, if only to see Gary Oldman playing a good guy for once.

Best. Batman. Evar.

Batman is the best DC character. Period. Probably the best comic book character. Pretty good movie.

A near perfect realization of comic book character to movie. About as real a story can get concerning a man how dresses in a costume to fight crime. Giving the movie a theme, apsects of FEAR, just makes things more interesting. Each supporting scene layers nicely into building a solid, enjoyable movie. The only real peeve would be the psuedo-science explaining the 'water-displacement' device. I like how it targets the water in pipes but misses the water in people's bodies. However, the concept is there to give dramatic visuals for the climax of the movie. And the movie doesn't break its own logic, which is a 'bad thing'.

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