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I don't like comcis that much. But Sin City makes me want to read them. Yeah, Sin City is a comic come to live. One dimensional characters, over-the-top action and a plain story line. At least, the story line seems plain. But when the three different stories in this movie start to twist around each other and the characters develop the movie gets really interesting. And the atmosphere just does the trick. This movie features Tarantino as a director and the scene he directed is just hilarious. This movie is not for people who think theirselves 'too good for action movies'. No, you have to be open-minded and this movie will suprise and destroy all your bad thoughts you might have had before you watched it. I definitely recommend it!

This movie is a very fine piece of China.


best movie of the year

Great multi-narrative movie mimicking the style of a comic book (Sin City is based on a comic book, as such this is appropriate..). A must see.

This was a visually stunning treat. It was a little boring or underdeveloped in parts, but I especially liked the car chase at the end that reminded me of A clockwork orange

I kinda liked it, but there's still something in it (on wich I can't exactly put my finger) that displeases me.

Based almost panel-for-panel on Frank Miller's comic of the same name. Great adaptation of 3 episodes of the comic.

Some of the nastiest violence I've seen on screen, presented in just about the most stylish fashion I've ever seen. There's no other movie quite like Sin City.

Terrible, just terrible. The whole film is a showcase for directors and DOPs without an interesting story line and probably some of the worst acting; after seeing this film I want my 2 hours of life back.

Very well done.

Really great movie, visually interesting, cool storyline. Just like a comic.

suprisingly good

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