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Dan Aykroyd John Goodman Aretha Franklin Nia Peeples

This is slightly more family-friendly than the first film (the level of swearing is so much lower as to be virtually not there), and again only has enough plot and story-line to serve as a vehicle for the music - but when the music is as good as this - hey, who cares. The Blues Brothers movies were an homage to a type of music that, sadly, was in decline - and its quite incredible to see some of these old Blues and Soul masters at work - I actually spent a lot of time pointing at the screen and yelling *I thought he died 20 years ago!*. Indeed, strangely enough, several of the people involved in cameo roles died soon after this was filmed - almost as if they were just waiting for this to be made. The final sequence, in particular, is pretty much a Whos-Who of living Blues and Soul legends. Altogether, not the best film in the world, but just try and stay in your seat while watching - if youre not up dancing, youre dead...

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