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Quite funny

Michael Keaton Danny DeVito Michelle Pfeiffer Christopher Walken

Classic Burton. A quirky, moving, bizarre poem of a movie. The best Batman movie ever made.

terrible sequel of teh quite nice first batman movie. Featuring the Penguin and the Catwoman. Thus , lots of boredom.

Just as we thought that they couldnt improve on the astonishingly good first film in the franchise - they did! Danny DeVito is near perfect as The Penguin, Michelle Pffeifer exudes sexuality as Catwoman while being mousey as Selina Kyle, and Michael Keaton manages to convincingly portray both sides of the Bruce Wayne/batman personality - shy bonhomie as Bruce, butbut power, control, and a razor-sharp chin as The Dark Knight. See it, and pretend the next 2 films never happened...

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