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a man kills things called replicants but is it really the right thing to do?

Wonderful visuals, slow paced storytelling which doesn't involve that much substance. Bad acting...

Harrison Ford Darryl Hannah Rutger Hauer Sean Young Edward James Olmos

Horrible movie, too hard to follow.


One of my favourite movies of all time. Great setting, great story, great script. A lot of hidden messages and themes. Very well shot. Way ahead of its time.

See the director's cut or don't bother.


Defined what the future looked like. See it for the visual design, the atmosphere, and the incidental music. Just don't expect the romance and mystery-solving to make perfect sense. You can tell that it was adapted from P.K. Dick's _Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep_, but it's a different story.

Stunning. One of the greatest works of fiction available in the movie genre

Great Sci-Fi classic. One of the best directed and atmoshperic movies ever. Plot that make you think rather than just relying on explosions and action to keep you hooked.

Built without a single scrap of CGI, Blade Runner will knock your socks off.

I am one of the few people who prefer the theatrical release over the director's cut.

Blade Runner features one of the few sci-fi themes that seems to actually translate well to screen: What is it to be human? Trying to define what is human and what is not helps raise this movie up to another level beyond mere entertainment. Also, one of the few movies where Ford actually ACTS, instead of doing his usual shtick.

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